If you are anything like me, you are not a tour pro.  (Unless you are(

I know, it is sad, but it is also reality, you have a day job as do I and that job does not involve hitting 320 yard drives to set up birdies (WHICH WE MAKE) in front of thousands of people for ludicrous amounts of money.

As an amateur golfer, knowing your game will help you get the most out of the skills you have.

YOU ARE A LIAR, maybe not on purpose, but you are (Ok perhaps you only exaggerate a tiny amount)

Here it comes, HOW FAR DO YOU HIT YOUR DRIVER / HOW FAR DO YOU CARRY YOUR 7 IRON?  Two questions on any Facebook group, or golf forum guaranteed to make me scream!

Average golfer does not carry their driver 200 yards!


Is there a point to this article / rant?  Yes i guess there are two

  1. Golfers base their distances of poorly judged distance of their partners, the result being EVERYONE is wrong (PROS ARE NOT EXEMPT FROM THIS)
  2. If you can be honest about your ability, you are in the best position to assess your game properly and understand what you actually need to work on.

INTERNET distances are the most pointless numbers i can think of, numbers should allow us to be able to communicate accurately but the golf distance formula is

DISTANCE X EGO X BS INFO PLUS 10 YARDS equals internet driving distance.

Hey, join the forum, you can win stuff


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